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Follows by the python reference manual we've that

Code objects represent byte-compiled executable Python code, or bytecode.


Special read-only attributes: co_name gives the function name;

What is the value of co_name if the current compiled code doesn't depends on any function (i.e. global module code)?

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Did you try it? Play around with compile function. –  BrenBarn Mar 1 at 7:22
print compile("a = 10", "<string>", "exec").co_name - <module> –  thefourtheye Mar 1 at 7:22
@BrenBarn I think that we can't take access to an objects of any internal types. Might it possible to recieve an instance of execution frame internal object? –  Dmitry Fucintv Mar 1 at 7:26
@DmitryFucintv: I don't understand what "take access to an objects of any internal types" means. –  BrenBarn Mar 1 at 7:29
@BrenBarn Is it possible to get an instance of frame object which correponding to a current execution code block? –  Dmitry Fucintv Mar 1 at 7:32

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>>> print inspect.currentframe().f_code.co_name

Using inspect to get the code object of the current stack frame in interactive mode, we find that the co_name is '<module>'.

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Excellent! Many thanks for this referecne! –  Dmitry Fucintv Mar 1 at 8:41

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