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I'm looking for an event fired by polymer-layout when it's finished laying out, similar to the polymer-grid-layout event. Doesn't seem to be one. Am I missing something?

After my attempts at polymer-grid-layout (Autosizing canvas inside a polymer grid layout) I've decided to convert everything to nested polymer-layouts instead. After a few hiccups (e.g. the dart version of polymer-layout doesn't work if you put polymer-layout as an element directly under template, whereas the js version does - don't know which is wrong) the approach seems to be working.

The one exception is that I was previously relying on polymer-grid-layout to tell me when the canvas had been resized properly. But with polymer-layout I have the same timing problem but without the same solution it appears.

Any way around this?



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Dart polymer_element/polymer_ui_element are a bit outdated. I'll take a look at what changes were be made in JS polymer-layout since I last revisited Dart polymer-layout (probably Mo/Di).

Can you please create an issue in https://github.com/ErikGrimes/polymer_elements so you get notified when the update is made.

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thanks Gunter. Added github.com/ErikGrimes/polymer_elements/issues/116 –  Anders Mar 1 at 23:27
I published a new version (0.1.2) that fires an event 'polymer-layout' when layout is done. –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 4 at 8:31
I published an update that contains polymer-layout which fires 'polymer-layout' when layout is done. –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 4 at 10:10
Sorry for the delayed reply. SO doesn't email me so I hadn't realised you'd implemented the fix. It seems to work perfectly. Thanks a million. BTW you named the stream onPolymerGridLayout rather than onPolymerLayout which I'm guessing is a copy n paste error ;-) –  Anders Mar 15 at 2:20

You are right that polymer-layout is missing a layout event. I filed an issue here https://github.com/Polymer/polymer-layout/issues/3

In the meantime, you should be able to capture the timeline in attached.

attached: function() {
  this.async(function() {
layoutHappened: function() {

I used nested async because I don't want to worry about whose attached is called first (this one, or the one in the polymer-layout). And yes, this is exactly the kind of fiddly construction that is avoided by having an event.

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thanks that works roughly two out of every three times in dart. Adding a third async seems to make it work reliably. BTW I just added github.com/Polymer/polymer/issues/434 to request having a lifecycle event for componentLaidOut –  Anders Mar 1 at 23:24

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