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I am trying to set a associative array to a cookie variable in cakephp. The array is :

$recent_designers = array(
        "name" => "Hello",
        "name" => "Hi",    


And to set this array to a cookie recent_designers :

$this->Cookie->write('recent_designers', $recent_designers);
$cookies = $this->Cookie->read('recent_designers'); 
$this->set("recent_designers", $cookies);

But I am getting an notice Notice (8): Array to string conversion [CORE\cake\libs\controller\components\cookie.php, line 458] on the ctpfile ! If my array is in this format:

$recent_designers = array(

I did not get any error.

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Cookies can store string values only. If you want to store values of other type (such as array) you have to serialize it on write and unserialize on read. Also you can use json_encode/json_decode instead – hindmost Mar 1 '14 at 8:03

you can store a plain array in cakephp using cookie::write, but not a nested array.


Passing an array of 3 elements is the same of saving 3 cookies

so doing

$recent_designers = array(

$this->Cookie->write('recent_designers', $recent_designers);

is the same of

$this->Cookie->write('recent_designers.0', 'Hello');
$this->Cookie->write('recent_designers.1', 'Hi');
$this->Cookie->write('recent_designers.2', 'Namaste');
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