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I just having troble how to run this code i fount this but its look like interested me i want to ask how to run this code since i have an error or i cant run this code.

$.event.special.tap = {
  // Abort tap if touch moves further than 10 pixels in any direction
  distanceThreshold: 10,
  // Abort tap if touch lasts longer than half a second
  timeThreshold: 500,
  setup: function() {
    var self = this,
      $self = $(self);

    // Bind touch start
    $self.on('touchstart', function(startEvent) {
      // Save the target element of the start event
      var target = startEvent.target,
        touchStart = startEvent.originalEvent.touches[0],
        startX = touchStart.pageX,
        startY = touchStart.pageY,
        threshold = $.event.special.tap.distanceThreshold,

      function removeTapHandler() {
        $self.off('touchmove', moveHandler).off('touchend', tapHandler);

      function tapHandler(endEvent) {

        // When the touch end event fires, check if the target of the
        // touch end is the same as the target of the start, and if
        // so, fire a click.
        if (target == endEvent.target) {
          $.event.simulate('tap', self, endEvent);

      // Remove tap and move handlers if the touch moves too far
      function moveHandler(moveEvent) {
        var touchMove = moveEvent.originalEvent.touches[0],
          moveX = touchMove.pageX,
          moveY = touchMove.pageY;

        if (Math.abs(moveX - startX) > threshold ||
            Math.abs(moveY - startY) > threshold) {

      // Remove the tap and move handlers if the timeout expires
      timeout = setTimeout(removeTapHandler, $.event.special.tap.timeThreshold);

      // When a touch starts, bind a touch end and touch move handler
      $self.on('touchmove', moveHandler).on('touchend', tapHandler);

For more informaiton please see this link

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