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I'm using this jQuery token input to the user choose languages and submit it to his MySql database. (Like facebook settings)

Everything is working well, but I have no idea about how to Prepopulate the languages loaded from user's MySql database.

Example: mysql database result: 11,26,55

Legend: The user go to his profile's settings page, click on (Edit Languages).

<input type="textbox" name="profile_languages" id="pro_token_languages">

How to make the page prepopulate the three languages inside the textbox input?

11 => English (US)

26 => Portuguese (Brazil)

55 => Japanese

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Try this

 <input type="textbox" id="pro_token_languages" name="profile_languages" data-authors="<?php echo $language['lang']; ?>" />

and then

$(document).ready(function() {                                  
   $("#pro_token_languages").tokenInput("YOUR_URL", {                                   
   theme: "facebook",
   preventDuplicates: true,                             
   prePopulate: $('#pro_token_languages').data('authors')                                            



But Don't Forget your SQL Query which included the returned JSON array including langiage names and id; for Documentation Read Json Returned Format at

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