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I'm trying to figure out how to suppress http request and response errors in my app, for example when a bad request is made to my server, I don't want the error to be logged into the browser console. I've tried overriding the $exceptionHandler, but that logic works for all exceptions except HTTP errors, those are still logged to the browser. I've also created HTTP interceptors but the global 400 Bad Request error appears before the logic that I've put in my responseError:

'responseError': function (rejection) {
 return $q.reject();

That doesn't suppress the error either, any ideas?


The error I'm getting is this: POST http://localhost:38349/token 400 (Bad Request) enter image description here

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can you copy the output of the log you want to get rid of? –  Alp Mar 1 at 16:15
@Alp see my edit. –  Mohammad Sepahvand Mar 2 at 7:24

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Your browser decides to log bad requests to the log and it's the right thing to do. If you don't want that either do not make that request or send another response code from your webserver.

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