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I am developing PHP extension. But I cannot call destructor of my class. In my inspection, I know PHP_MINIT_FUNCTION was called definitely. Inside of PHP_MINIT_FUNCTION, set code for create_object might not be done properly. When deleting foo, foo_free_strage should be called, but not called.

static zend_class_entry* foo_ce;
static zend_object_handlers foo_object_handlers;

void foo_free_storage(void *object TSRMLS_DC)
  std::cout << "php_foo destracter" << std::endl;
  foo_object* obj = (foo_object*)object;
  delete obj->foo_pointer;


zend_object_value foo_create_handler(zend_class_entry *type TSRMLS_DC)
  std::cout << "php_foo handler" << std::endl;
  zval *tmp;
  zend_object_value retval;

  foo_object *obj = (foo_object *)emalloc(sizeof(foo_object));
  memset(obj, 0, sizeof(foo_object));
  obj->std.ce = type;

  retval.handle = zend_objects_store_put(obj, NULL, foo_free_storage, NULL TSRMLS    _CC);
  retval.handlers = &foo_object_handlers;

  return retval;

// Initialization
  zend_class_entry ce;
  INIT_CLASS_ENTRY(ce, "Foo", foo_functions);
  foo_ce = zend_register_internal_class(&ce TSRMLS_CC);
  foo_ce->create_object = foo_create_handler;
  memcpy(&foo_object_handlers, zend_get_std_object_handlers(), sizeof(zend_object    _handlers));
  foo_object_handlers.clone_obj = NULL;
  return SUCCESS;

Could you let me know how to solve this problem? My environment is below.

  • CentOS [x86_64]
  • gcc 4.4.7

I'm looking forward a reply. Thank you.

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