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So what i want is to validate my Checkbox in my form and check if it's checked so i should save it as 1 in my database else as 0, like this :

            'name' => 'publication',
            'type' => 'Zend\Form\Element\Checkbox',

            'options' => array(
                    'checked_value' => 1,
                    'unchecked_value' => 0,

But when i tried i got Null in my database !!, for more details i will write some of my codes,

This is my view :

         echo $this->formInput($form->get('publication'));

And this is my Entity :

 * @ORM\Column(name="publication", type="boolean")
protected  $publication;

 * Set publication
 * @param boolean $publication
 * @return Article
public function setPublication($publication)
    $this->publication = $publication;

    return $this;

 * Get publication
 * @return boolean 
public function getPublication()
    return $this->publication;

public function exchangeArray($data)
   $this->publication  = (isset($data['publication']))  ? $data['publication']  : null;

 public function getInputFilter()
    if (!$this->inputFilter) {
        $inputFilter = new InputFilter();

                'name'     => 'publication',
                'required' => false,

So please if someone has any solution i will be so appreciative :)

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Add a bool filter to your checkbox element and you're done. $form->getData() will contain true/false and all ORM/TableGateway will translate that to 1/0 respectively. –  Sam Mar 1 at 11:55
yes i try to find it but i didn't found anything helpful –  Mohammadov Mar 1 at 12:10
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When a checkbox is not ticked, it is not included in the post. In your exchangeArray, you are setting it null in this case.

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thanks @dualmon you're right i didn't pay attention to that :(, i change it to : $this->publication = (isset($data['publication'])) ? true : false; –  Mohammadov Mar 1 at 16:34
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