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Here is my XAML:

<Setter Property="Template">
      <Image x:Name="Expander_Normal"
             Source="/Images/arrow-e.tiff" Width="13" Height="13" />
        <Trigger Property="ToggleButton.IsChecked" Value="True">
          <Setter x:Name="Expander_Expanded"
                  TargetName="Expander_Normal" Property="Source"
                  Value="/Images/arrow-s.tiff" />

The transition from image to another image is very rough and I don't really like it. So how can I make the transitions smooth.
Maybe instead of changing the image, maybe ROTATE the image. The main image looks like >. So maybe rotate it down (90 degrees clockwise)

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If you want to go fancy, you could:

  1. Add a story board
  2. Use a double animation on opacity to fade out the image box
  3. Change the image
  4. Use another double animation to fade in the image box


To rotate the image:

  1. Add a rotate transform to the image
  2. Use a double animation on the rotate transform's angle property

See for an example

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check out the update. – Mohit Deshpande Feb 6 '10 at 13:47

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