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After hitting "Create derived type" a class is produced that inherits from the selected interface or superclass, with a default template visible in the screenshot.

after creating derived type

Similarly to the templates that are used elsewhere in Resharper, I would like to edit the template that is generated?

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This isn't a template, the class declaration is created directly, so can't be edited. Out of interest, what do you want to change?

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i would like to make it something like `public class Deployment : $BASECLASS$, IDeployment' Can i submit a feature request somewhere, for consistency and flexibility would make sense to make that a template too.. –  Cel Mar 1 at 16:53
Sure, add an issue at youtrack.jetbrains.com –  citizenmatt Mar 3 at 9:11
Ok, created an issue here: youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-408007 –  Cel Mar 6 at 9:27

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