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This might be a newbie question on jQuery's Deferred and Promise, that in the following code


var p = $("#foo").animate({ opacity: 0 }, 2000).promise();


p.progress(function() {
    console.log("progress callback is invoked");

I do not see the console.log() output at all, which is supposedly called every 13ms during the animation which is 2 seconds. Why and how to make it work?

Update: supposedly, it should work the same as http://jsfiddle.net/mF2rn/11/ which actually will print out the console.log output.

The code is:

    opacity: 0
}, { 
    progress: function() {
        console.log("progress callback is invoked");
    duration: 2000
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Why do you think that promise() triggers the progress callback every frame? The documentation only mentions the promise will be resolved when all the animations queued on the element will have finished. –  Frédéric Hamidi Mar 1 at 12:45
O'Reilly has a book on jQuery Deferreds that says "jQuery calls progress callbacks every jQuery.fx.interval milliseconds on elements that are being animated" –  動靜能量 Mar 1 at 12:50
@動靜能量: Yeah, but that's only the progress option callback to the animate function, not the progress of an installed promise() –  Bergi Mar 1 at 13:03
the book says "$('#something').animate({..., progress: function(){ ... }) is equivalent to: $('#something').animate(...).promise().progress(function(){ ... })" –  動靜能量 Mar 1 at 13:27
Would you mind to cite the exact title of the book, and maybe check which version of jQuery they're using (the behaviour might've changed)? –  Bergi Mar 2 at 15:00

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The solution would be to create a custom deferred object and use the animation's progress event handler to have the custom deferred notified about the progress. Here's the code:


<div class="paras">
    <p>Hello, This is my first paragraph</p>
    <p>Hello, This is my second paragraph</p>
    <p>Hello, This is my third paragraph</p>

The Code

var dfd = $.Deferred(),
promise = dfd.promise(),
allParas = $("div.paras p")
        opacity: 0.25
        duration: 2000, 
        progress: function(promise, progress, remaining) {
        done: function(promise) { 
            dfd.resolve("Animation completed"); 

promise.progress(function(value) {
    console.log("PROGRESS!!! - ", value);
promise.then(function(response) {
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so I think you are probably saying what the book says is incorrect and we need to implement it for the progress callback to be called? –  動靜能量 Apr 14 at 12:51
The code that you have written is correct, it's just that the deferred behind jQuery animate method is not calling the notify method behind the scenes. That's why your progress event handler is not being called. –  Anup Vasudeva Apr 14 at 16:53

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