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In IDEA, we can comment/uncomment lines in java as well as html,jsp, xml files with the same keyboard shortcut combination. I tried doing that in eclipse but was not able to comment out lines in html,jsp and xml files. Is there a way to do it in Eclipse? Also I would like to know whether bulk comment is also available for non-java files.

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I use Shift+Ctrl+/ to Add Block Comment in both XML and JSP files (works at the line level or for a selected block).

Just in case, if you are looking for a particular shortcut, you can use Shift+Ctrl+L to Show Key Assist (i.e. the Commands and their Bindings).

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+1. "Show Key Assist" is good advice ;)… – VonC Feb 6 '10 at 10:14
+1. And if you don't like to key binding showed in Show Key Assist, open Preferences/General/Key, and set your own... – Zoltán Ujhelyi Feb 6 '10 at 12:45

I believe CTRL+SHIFT+C works in XML, not sure about JSP. I think it lacks consistency in the various editors, and some don't have this shortcut.

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I found Ctrl + Shift + C works in JSP too, it works like:

<tiles:insertDefinition name="" >

<!--<tiles:insertDefinition name="" >-->

add comment tag line by line, and select the sentences, use Ctrl + Shift + C again can toggle remove the comments.

Ctrl + Shift + / add block comment in JSP, works like:

<tiles:insertDefinition name="" >

<!--<tiles:insertDefinition name="" >

can use Ctrl + Shift + \ to remove the block comment.

PS: I want to find out, which eclipse shortcut can add/remove <%-- --%> comment in JSP?

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This shortcut is far more powerful - thanks – HaveAGuess Oct 11 '11 at 13:41

In eclipse they use same kind of shortcut to do this which is for:

I found Ctrl + Shift + C works in XML and JSP.

Single line

comment Ctrl + /

uncomment Ctrl + /


comment Ctrl + Shift + /

uncomment Ctrl + Shift + \ (note the backslash)

Hope this helps!

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Doesn't work for me on XML files. ctrl+shirt+c works. – Reut Sharabani Sep 29 '15 at 6:41

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