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Unity3D allows for an interesting programming pattern called 'Coroutine' here which allows to run some code (usually wrapped in a loop) in parallel to other code. This parallelism however is not real parallelism as in multithreading. Instead, when the function is run as a coroutine, it returns some object (IEnumerator) which probably wraps the function code as well as some function body state that stores the values of local variables within this function. Then the mainthread will enter the function code during a certain event phase of the main loop, works through the code until a certain keyword is reached ("yield return;"), and then somehow exits this function but will return to the same position within the function body (with restored local variables) during the next iteration of the main loop, thus generating some pseudo parallelism (at least this is how I understand it, I may be wrong though).

I wonder, how and on what level this language feature is implemented? If I wanted the same feature for a pure C# project, is it possible to create something like this through C# meta programming? Or is a specialised compiler or precompiler required which supports this?

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Wikipedia has a pretty good summary. –  nwellnhof Mar 1 '14 at 13:37

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