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Is there a way to get the infos from the PHP-FPM Status page directly via PHP? I don't want to view it on a seperate page. Also I won't do some Shell call for it. Best practise would be calling a function in PHP and get an array with all the stats.

I'm talking about this stats: https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/php/fpm-status-page/

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Please don't include rude words when posting, they have no place here –  Dr.Avalanche Mar 1 at 13:47
It seems the page you mention clearly describes the way to get what you want –  ring0 Mar 1 at 13:48
Yes, it describes how you get it on a seperate page. But I want to get it in PHP to do some stuff with it. –  Dev0r Mar 1 at 13:49

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Just load it from server in your PHP script... for example your script my_status.php can do <?php echo file_get_contents("http://www.server.com/fpm-status"); ?> and either output it directly with some other page contents, or do any manipulation on it.

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