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I've put the password in the main phpmyadmin and not one of the databases. How can I even access it if can't even have the chance to input the password.

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Take a look at reseting the MySQL root password here.

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') WHERE User='root';
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can I use a blank password? – user225269 Feb 6 '10 at 2:35
Yes, you can use a blank password but don't do it. – Jesse Weigert Feb 6 '10 at 2:42
It's working. I created Password for phpmyadmin WAMPservser2.4 in FF. To revert that password to root user to empty this commnad working for me. – ganpath Oct 22 '13 at 7:31

First check if you assigned empty password. There is a high probability not to assign password when you install locally.

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Such an extreme help for me. Thanks a lot – Satish Patel Nov 18 '14 at 22:09

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