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I want to apply flood fill algorithm to my paint program. The problem is that the algorithm is going north and south correctly, but it's not going west and is going east even when I don't want it to. Here is the snapshot of flood fill part.

void FloodFill(int x,int y,GLubyte bb[1][1][3])
GLubyte tmp[1][1][3];
glReadPixels(x,y,1,1,GL_RGB,GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,(void *)tmp);
if(tmp[0][0][0] == bb[0][0][0]  &&  tmp[0][0][1] == bb[0][0][1]  &&  tmp[0][0][2] == bb[0][0][2])
  //    glVertex2i(x+1,y);

FloodFill(x+1,y,bb);        //E

FloodFill(x,y+1,bb);        //N

FloodFill(x,y-1,bb);       //S  

FloodFill(x-1,y,bb);        //W  



Is there something wrong with the code? I don't understand..!!

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