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I am new in rails,

I Have a Profile table and profile history table. Profile has many profile history. Profile table has id and current_count column and profile history has profile_id, and count column

i want to calculate all the profiles which have current_count greater than the average of the count value of the respective profile history

How can i achieve this in rails 3.

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What kinds of things have you tried? –  Justin Wood Mar 1 at 17:44
@JustinWood i have tried something like Profile.includes(:profile_histories) .select('profiles.*, profile_histories.*, (AVG(profile_histories.count) - profiles.current_count)') .group('profile_histories.profile_id') –  user3341149 Mar 1 at 17:47

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The appropriate sql query is

SELECT p.id, MIN(current_count), AVG(ph.count)  
FROM profiles p
INNER JOIN profile_histories ph on p.id=ph.profile_id
GROUP BY ph.profile_id, p.id
HAVING MIN(current_count) > AVG(ph.count)

Lets construct the rails way:

  .select('profiles.id, MIN(profiles.current_count), AVG(profile_histories.count)')
  .group('profile_histories.profile_id, profiles.id')
  .having('MIN(profiles.current_count) > AVG(profile_histories.count)') 
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