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I have download a emacs package for to format python codes with autopep8.

This package is named py-autopep8

this is the lisp code

can you se in the line number 78 this common lisp function

(incf line-offset len)

then, when I open emacs24 and I want to save the buffer I have this in the emacs shell

Symbol's function definiton is void: incf

Anybody know how to fix this error, therefore, to get the common lisp definitions in emacs lips.

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The standard Common Lisp functions are implemented in the cl package, so you could put:

(require 'cl)

in your init file.

More precisely, cl-incf is implemented in cl-lib and the cl package aliases incf to cl-incf.

Best practice would be for the package author to require cl-lib and use cl-incf; the cl-lib forms are preferred because they're isolated in their own namespace.

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this answer are fixed the problem, thanks a lot –  ljofre Mar 2 '14 at 6:42

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