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I'm using Bootstrap X-editable:

<a href="#" class="xeditable" data-type="select" data-pk="1" data-resource="workorder" data-source="/employees" data-name="employee_id" data-url="/workorders/<%= workorder.id %> " data-original-title="Select Employee">
<% if workorder.employee_id != nil %>
  <%= workorder.employee.employee_full_name %>
<% end %>

The data-source="/employees". The following RABL code returns the json:

employees/index.json.rabl :

collection @employees
extends "employees/show" 

employees/show.json.rable :

object @employee
attributes  :employee_full_name => :text, :id => :value

I use the x-editable to select an employee in many of the views.

But, I have one view, where I would like to limit the employees to a particular workgroup.

How would I do that?

Thanks for your help!

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