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I want the button's :hover effect to happen when the img is hovered over. Can this be done in CSS? If not, what's the simplest way in JS (jQuery is fine)?

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If this elements have same parent, you can use "+" or "~" CSS selector

img:hover + button{color:red}

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Assuming button follows the img tag. – akinuri Mar 1 '14 at 22:12

If the elements don't have the same parent, you could use, in jQuery:

$img.hover(function() { //mouse enter
}, function() { //mouse leave

To remove the event handler:

$'mouseenter mouseleave');
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If you want to use (pure) JS

var button  = document.getElementById("button");
var img     = document.getElementById("img");

img.onmouseover = modifyButton;
img.onmouseout  = resetButton;

function modifyButton() { = "red";

function resetButton() { = "";

or you could use a single function

img.onmouseout = modifyButton;

function modifyButton() {
    if ( != "red") { = "red"
    } else { = "";

Fiddles: Two func. Single Func.

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