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I need a simple email function that just sends an email (not looking to spam anyone I promise!).

Anyone, anyone? Using VB 2008

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Duplicate of this stackoverflow.com/questions/57919/… –  MarkJ Feb 6 '10 at 12:22

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Use the SmtpClient class to do this. There's an example of sending an email asynchronously on the documentation page, but here's a basic way of doing it:

Dim client As New SmtpClient("mail.myisp.com")

Dim fromAddr As New MailAddress("jane@contoso.com")
Dim toAddr As New MailAddress("ben@contoso.com")
Dim message As New MailMessage(fromAddr, toAddr)
message.Body = "This is a test e-mail message sent by an application. "
message.Subject = "test message 1"

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