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My question is, is there any way I can handle kaminari ajax pagination responses? I am using kaminari for pagination and I have a profile.html.erb that contains pagination from profile_inventory_items.html.erb. I am not able to get the ajax to work and I'd like to see if there's a way for me to manually get the json or html response from the server with JS.

my rails currently responds like this:

format.json {
        render :json => {
          :pagination => render_to_string(:partial => "posts/search_results/profile_inventory_items.html.erb", :locals => { :posts => @posts } )
      format.html { render :partial => "posts/search_results/profile_inventory_items", :locals => { :posts => @posts } }

in profile_inventory_items.html.erb, a partial within profile.html.erb

    <%= paginate(posts, :params => { controller: 'posts', action: 'search', view: 'profile_view'}, :remote => true) %>

This produces pagination links of /posts/search?view='profile_view'&page=...

I get responses but it doesn't reply any part of the page I'd like to update via ajax. How can I accomplish this?

EDIT: I've gotten it run javascript for kamainari ajax.

in my controller format.js { render :partial => "users/profile.js", :locals => { :posts => @posts } }

in profile.js.erb

$('.profile_inventory_items').html('<%= escape_javascript render :partial => "/posts/search_results/profile_inventory_items", :locals => { posts: posts } %>');

in posts/search_results/profile_inventory_items

<div id="paginator">
  <%= paginate(posts, :params => { controller: 'posts', action: 'search', view: 'profile_view'}, :remote => true) %>

However the paginate function is not running properly and displays nothing. Yes, I did check if there were enough objects for it to paginate.

It appears the paginate helper function is visible to profile_inventory_items but isn't returning anything.

However, this works just fine

format.html { render :partial => "posts/search_results/profile_inventory_items", :locals => { :posts => @posts } }

I don't think Kaminari can expect html responses and only displays javascript responses. So I can't use the above code to respond in HTML, but it's the only way that I can think of to have the paginate helper display links properly.

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Has someone looked into this or have you had any luck in finding a solution for this? –  Qaiser Wali Jun 26 at 15:13

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