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Made a new window application. Right-clicked Frameworks > Add Existing Frameworks. Selected Frameworks folder, then AudioToolbox.framework. Build, and 11 crashes.

#elif defined __ppc__ || __ppc64__

#define _IntSaturate(x) ((int) (x))


#error "Unknown architecture."
// To use unoptimized standard C code, remove above line.
#define _IntSaturate(x) ((x) <= -0x1p31f ? (int) -0x80000000 : \
    0x1p31f <= (x) ? (int) 0x7fffffff : (int) (x))


Tried commenting that line, then MachineExceptions still crashes:

typedef CALLBACK_API_C( OSStatus , ExceptionHandlerProcPtr )(ExceptionInformation * theException);

error: expected ")" before '*' token

..what the hell happened? I'm 99.9% sure I've never modified the AudioToolbox or any other framework.

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You're saying "crash" but it sounds like what you're really asking about is a compilation error ? – Paul R Feb 6 '10 at 9:04
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Just scrapped the project, copied main classes and everything working smoothly again.

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