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I have a library that only interacts in static scope with an application. This requires me to link the library with the --whole-archive option to avoid the linker from "optimizing" out the library (this is done because the linker never actually sees my library being used).

The issue is that I haven't found a way to add this linker option for a specific library in scons.

env.Append(LIBS=['mylib']) #I don't have the linker option
env.Append(LINKFLAGS=['-Wl,--whole-archive','-lmylib']) #I don't add myself to the scons dependency tree, I also get added to the link line before the LIBPATH variable.

How do I support linker flags elegantly in scons?

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There was a discussion on some dev list in 2006 that google found for me. That suggests perhaps this issue has been solved, but I still can't find a suitable answer. –  cape1232 Mar 17 at 13:35
@cape1232 Excuse me but the bounty is ending in 6 minutes and you haven't awarded it to anyone. –  Nabeel Omer Mar 24 at 13:26
@NabeelOmer None of the answers solves the problem. I'm letting the bounty expire. –  cape1232 Mar 24 at 18:03
I've been removed from this problem for awhile now, and I never found a good solution. For reference though this is what made me stop using scons altogether. –  Alex Mar 24 at 18:05

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You can add LIBS and LINKFLAGS to your linker statement.


For example.

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How does that differ fromAlex's second option? The trouble with adding to LINKFLAGS is that the LINKFLAGS come before LIBS, but you may not want -lmylib to be linked first. Order matters for linking. –  cape1232 Mar 17 at 13:30
Order matters for linking static libraries, but not so much for shared libraries ( or at least not in the same way). What he probably really would like is something like LIBS=[WHOLELIB('mylib'),'otherlib'], but there is no direct support for this in SCons at this time. It's probably possible to do this by redefining _LIBFLAGS with some more advanced usage of the string substitution logic. –  bdbaddog Mar 19 at 5:38
I have this problem for a static library and something like LIBS=[WHOLELIB(mylib), ...] would be perfect. Sigh. –  cape1232 Mar 24 at 18:09

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