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A few months ago I started programming simple Wii games in C using Devkitpro and the Homebrew Channel. Origionally I used the tutorial on CodeMii for drawing pixels to the screen, but with the code in the tutorial the pixels that it draws take up about 8x4 pixels on the TV screen. What I want to know is how to change the resolution of the output.

Here is the code for the video startup:

rmode = VIDEO_GetPreferredMode(NULL);
xfb = MEM_K0_TO_K1(SYS_AllocateFramebuffer(rmode));
if(rmode->viTVMode&VI_NON_INTERLACE) VIDEO_WaitVSync();

Note: rmode is a static GXRModeObj* and xfb is a static u32*

I drew the pixels by making a buffer and copying it to xfb.

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