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I am trying upload a file(pdf/doc) type from iE 9 to server using jquery fileupload plugin , but when response from server is returned of type json object , IE is prompting me to open/save that file. I get this as a pop at the bottom of the IE 9, Not sure how to get ride of it.

Exact message is "do you want to open or save file from localhost".

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Check the content type from your server. stackoverflow.com/questions/6114360/… –  Saravana Mar 2 at 2:47

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I have had the problem in the past. The best solution i found wast to a. serialize your response as JSON, and return the json as plain, instead of json, then convert the return string to a json object when it gets back to the client.

Very possibly a better way to handle it, but this is what I have done int the past.

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Thanks, this trick worked for me! –  pk2 Mar 2 at 3:05

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