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Suppose there's a method called foo that takes variable-length arguments.

def foo(*args)
  # Implementation omitted

And I want to wrap the method with bar.

def bar(*args)
# Will call `foo` at some point
# `foo(args)` isn't satisfactory.

How do I call foo inside bar so that if I call bar with bar(1,2,3), foo(1,2,3) is also called?

Some constraints are:

  1. I could not change the code for foo.
  2. foo and bar should have exactly the same signature.

Of course I could do foo(args) inside bar. But if that's the case, for foo, what it will receive is an Array of Array instead of an Array.


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You use the splat operator: foo(*args) – Blender Mar 2 '14 at 6:12
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Use a splat operator (*) as Blender commented: It converts an array into arguments.

def bar(*args)
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