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I am currently helping out a Rails 3.2 project.

Got this complex query that I would like to be in parameterized format.

(SELECT MAX(id) AS max_supporter_id FROM supporters
WHERE supporters.project_id = ?
GROUP BY supporters.supporter_id) AS t1
INNER JOIN supporters AS t2
ON t1.max_supporter_id = t2.id", 1).

Above query is what I would like to be like but I know it doesn't work because select_all doesn't do parameterized query.

So far this is what I got:

which will generate this sql:
SELECT MAX("supporters"."id") AS maximum_id, supporter_id AS supporter_id FROM "supporters" WHERE "supporters"."project_id" = 1 GROUP BY supporter_id

But I haven't made significant progress to do the inner join and finally have the outer SELECT.

Can anyone help?

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project_id = 1
supporters = Arel::Table.new(:supporters)
max_id = supporters.project(supporters[:id].maximum.as('max_supporters_id')).group(supporters[:supporter_id])
query  = supporters.project(max_id)
# => "SELECT (SELECT MAX(\"supporters\".\"id\") AS max_supporters_id FROM \"supporters\"  GROUP BY \"supporters\".\"supporter_id\") FROM \"supporters\" INNER JOIN \"supporters\".\"project_id\" ON \"supporters\".\"max_supporter_id\" = \"supporters\".\"id\" WHERE \"supporters\".\"project_id\" = 1"

query.to_a # executes the query and returns records

For more informations about building the complex queries in rails, you could read there https://github.com/rails/arel
I wish it helps.

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Itsnikolay, thanks for taking the time for doing this! Appreciate it –  handitan Mar 4 '14 at 3:19

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