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Inside a c# application a c#-method with parameter is to be called from a delphi dll: The C# method gets called, but the int param is not transfered correctly: some "random" value arrives.

The C#-method is passed to the delphi dll via a register method:

    public delegate void ProcDelegate(int value);

    private static ProcDelegate procDelegate;

    [DllImport("CallbackTest.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.StdCall)]
    public static extern void RegisterCallback(ProcDelegate callBackHandle, int value);

    public Form1()

        procDelegate = new ProcDelegate(CalledFromDelphi);

        RegisterCallback(procDelegate, 10); // register in delphi dll


    public static void CalledFromDelphi(int value)
        MessageBox.Show("Value:" + value); // expect "10", but getting random value


And here is the delphi code:

type TCallback = procedure(val: integer);
var callback : TCallback;
procedure RegisterCallback(aCallback : TCallback; value: integer); stdcall;
  callback:=  aCallback; 
  ShowMessage('Inside Delphi:'+ IntToStr(value)); // successful ("10")

  callback(value);  // ...and test callback


What's also interesting: the callback method gets called twice (both times a "random" value arrives) although it's called only once in code. After that the app crashes with exit code (0xc0000005).

Any idea?

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type TCallback = procedure(val: integer); stdcall;
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found the error:

forgot "stdcall" in Delphi:

type TCallback = procedure(val: integer); stdcall;

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oh, did not see it was already answered by gamecat... –  bert Feb 6 '10 at 13:41

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