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Pylint sometimes print following onto console

/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pylint/reporters/text.py:79: UserWarning: parseable output format is deprecated. This is equivalent to --msg-template={path}:{line}: [{msg_id}({symbol}), {obj}] {msg}
  % (self.name, self.line_format))

This causes my vim to jump to this file (makeprg=pylint in vimrc) rather than any error or warning in my file. I want to disable it but could not find a way to do so by modifying .pylintrc. Is there a way out of this?

UPDATE On Fedora-20, with pylint 1.1.0, everything works file with pylint -E command only.

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you somehow use a deprecated feature of pylint (the 'parseable' output format). This may be due to a deprecated / not up to date pylint plugin for vim.

You should update the command line from --output-format=parseable to something like --msg-template={path}:{line}: [{msg_id}({symbol}), {obj}] {msg} which should produce equivalent output.

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