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How do you do that so that a div refreshes say every 5 seconds automatically or if there are changes in the database. with ajax? or jquery?

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Set an interval on 5000 that runs a function update div. checkout following link: http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_timing.asp

Let's say you have a div with id of my_div and you want refresh it's content every 5 seconds by requesting from my_page.php.

Client-Side JavaScript Code:

<div id="my_div"></div>
  <script type="text/javascript">
  var refresh_time = 5000;

  /** To make sure that program will execute when everything loaded in page. **/
  window.onload = function(){

    /** setInterval() will calls my_div_update() function in refresh times. **/
    setInterval(function(){my_div_update();}, refresh_time);


  /** Uses Ajax request to update my_div content. **/
  function my_div_update()
    var xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();
      /** To make sure everything is ok on the way. **/
      if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200)

Server-Side PHP Code:

<?php echo date('h:i:s - A'); ?>
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this works but is this good? i mean it just refreshes every 5s. Is there some kind of code for checking if there are changes in the DB then it will refresh – Jan Mar 3 '14 at 4:20
In http world everything begins with a request, so you "must" send a request to server-page to see changes. – Amin Alizade Mar 3 '14 at 12:10
can you guide me in the right direction on how to do that? or give me a tutorial? – Jan Mar 4 '14 at 2:28

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