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I'm trying to remove rows in my dataframe that contain a certain word or certain sequences of words. for example:

mydf <-"C:\\data.xlsx, 1, header=T"))
#     NO    ARTICLE    
# 1   34    New York Times reports blabla
# 2   42    Financial Times reports blabla
# 3   21    Greenwire reports blabla
# 4    3    New York Times reports blabla
# 5   46    Newswire reports blabla

I want to remove the rows that contain the string "New York Times" and "Newswire" from my data.frame. I have tried different approaches using %in% or grep, but I'm not quite sure how to use this!

How do I do that?

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df[!grepl('New York Times',df$Article),], etc. – Thomas Mar 2 '14 at 12:10
@Thomas - Why don't you post as an answer? – jlhoward Mar 2 '14 at 17:20

Per my comment, use grepl, which returns a logical value when a specified string is found in your vector. In your case, something like:

df[!grepl('New York Times',df$Article),]

should do the trick.

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How can this be generalised to remove rows in which any vector contains the string of interest? i.e. something like df[!grepl('New York Times', df),] – David Pell Apr 15 at 10:48
@DavidPell Depends a bit on whether your variables are all character. I would suggest posting a new question, as the answer will be too long to fit in a comment. – Thomas Apr 15 at 11:01

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