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I am trying to change my windows desktop background to an image that I created in the same code. Changing the background works fine with images I already have saved and even the temp.jpg image I create in FitImageToScreen can be set through windows. I've tried putting a timer between saving the temp and setting it, saving the temp as .bmp instead of .jpg, including the "WallpaperStyle" and "TileWallpaper" registry settings, and the answers in question 805041 but none have worked. Ideas?

Here is the relevant code:

public void SetWallpaper(String path)

public void FitImageToScreen(string originalFile, string newFile, Screen screen)
    Image originalImage = Image.FromFile(originalFile);

    Image newImage = originalImage.GetThumbnailImage(screen.Bounds.Width, screen.Bounds.Height, null, IntPtr.Zero);
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Winapi functions like SystemParametersInfo() always require error checking. It returns false when it failed, you can find out why with Marshal.GetLastWin32Error(). You skipped at that and hoped it just worked, so of course you don't know why it failed. Fix your code first. – Hans Passant Mar 2 '14 at 12:19
Added the error check, it originally returned 183 so I added a delete for the temp file and now the SystemParametersInfo still returns false yet the last win32 error returns 0. I was well aware that it was failing, the why here is the issue. – Triskele Mar 2 '14 at 23:00

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