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I have a WPF Application Project in VS2012 using .Net framework 4.0.
My WPF application has some references to Managed C++ dlls.

I would like the user to be able to choose a file to open but when i call the OpenFileDialog before some function from a managed C++ dll I get a System.BadImageFormatException, but if i send a hard coded path instead of letting the user choose using the OpenFileDialog then the application works fine.
When i looked up the System.BadImageFormatException all i found was that this refers to format issues but i am running on a x64 bit machine and compiled everything including the c++ dll to x64 bit format and i still keep getting this exception.

Is there some known problem with the OpenFileDialog that i dont know about?

Here is an example of my code:

private void WorkingFunction()
    String filePath = @"C:\MyFile.txt";
    // Calling the managed c++ functions...

private void NotWorkingFunction()
    Microsoft.Win32.OpenFileDialog fileDialog = new Microsoft.Win32.OpenFileDialog();
    Nullable<bool> result = fileDialog.ShowDialog(); 
    if(result == true)
        String filePath = fileDialog.FileName;
        // Calling the managed c++ functions...
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You can try to compile code in x86 expilicitly meaning you are going to run application in 32-bit mode.

Or else you can use the same class wrapped in Windows forms.

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I cannot compile my application to x86 and when I tried to use System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog I had the same problem. –  user3370390 Mar 4 '14 at 9:44

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