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I'm trying to do XHTML DOM parsing with JTidy, and it seems to be rather counterintuitive task. In particular, there's a method to parse HTML:

Node Tidy.parse(Reader, Writer)

And to get the <body /> of that Node, I assume, I should use

Node Node.findBody(TagTable)

Where should I get an instance of that TagTable? (Constructor is protected, and I haven't found a factory to produce it.)

I use JTidy 8.0-SNAPSHOT.

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I found there's much simpler method to extract the body:

tidy = new Tidy();

And then use tidy on the Reader-Writer pair.

Simple as it should be.

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You could use the parseDOM method instead, which would give you a org.w3c.dom.Document back:

Document document = Tidy.parseDOM(reader, writer);
Node body = document.getElementsByTagName("body").item(0);
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