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Lets say I have a form that has two fields - name and image, both required, and is part of a FormWizard. When I leave the "name" field blank but fill out the "image" field (which is an ImageField and so renders to a tag) the form is not valid and so the wizard doesn't advance to the next step. but - the imagefield now "loses" its value - when I fill the name (which is the only error i see) and submitting the form again, the form is invalid because it says the image is missing.

A similar thing happens if i fill both fields and then submit - the form validates, the wizard advances to the next form, and if I get back one step at the wizard the name is filled correctly as i left it but the ImageField loses its value again and I need to re-fill it.

Is this normal behavior? is there something that can be done so this doesn't happen and the value is kept?

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I'd post this as a comment but I don't have the reputation points.

My issue is similar; however, I'm dealing with inline formsets which bring along their own set of problems.

This is a possible solution that does not work for me - FormWizard and FileFields (Django 1.4)

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Thanks! the idea itself works so I don't "lose" the file during the wizard's back and forth movement and that is my original question. But if I want to display the uploaded image to the user, I need a URL, and so an additional workaround is needed: I disabled the InMemoryUploadedFile by setting the FILE_UPLOAD_MAX_MEMORY_SIZE to be 0 so it is always saved to disk and I changed the FILE_UPLOAD_TEMP_DIR to a known directory through MEDIA_ROOT and passed this path/URL to the template through a context variable so I can display it. –  Gabriel Amram Mar 5 '14 at 12:23
Yeah - it does. Got my wizard working a while ago but in a slightly different manner. The wizard by default uploads the files in a temporary location set by the file_storage attribute (WizardView.file_storage) and I'm using that in a custom ImageField widget to display the image to the user. –  affan Mar 5 '14 at 14:00

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