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I have a domain name registered and I have several subdomains as subdomain1.maindomain.tld, subdomain2.maindomain.tld and so on. Now I have a webapp for desktop version and mobile version. Also I have created two domain directories in glassFish 3. These two domain directories are under the same physical server x.x.x.x IP address and there are many virtual servers in both domain directories.

Now my problem is how to map a url for e.g : 1. www.mydomain1.tld with domain dir1, port 8080 and 2. abc.mydomain1.tld with domain dir1, port 8282.

Also I want to map 1. www.mydomain2.tld with domain dir2, port 8080 and 2. xyz.mydomain2.tld with domain dir2, port 7070.

Note that all the domain directories are under same physical server. So my question is how to configure the DNS. Is there any local DNS server applications available? So that I can map all these in my machine itself

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