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I'm using

SELECT DISTINCT something FROM something;

to display 1660 rows, the problem is my ubuntu terminal is only showing a couple hundred or so and I can no longer scroll up to view the whole list.

How can view the whole list?

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Do you really need the whole list? –  juergen d Mar 2 at 15:42
@juergend well it's a list of post names and I'm looking for a particular post that I don't really know the name of but I'll know it when I see it, if that makes sense :) –  UzumakiDev Mar 2 at 15:45
@juergend I think >mysql pager less; is what I was looking for –  UzumakiDev Mar 2 at 16:37
Then you can write an answer to your own question. –  juergen d Mar 2 at 16:39

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The default Ubuntu terminal is GnomeTerminal. If you select on the menu item Edit>Preferences>Scrolling, you can set the number of Scrollback lines remembered.

If you use emacs, you can run mysql from within emacs using M-x sql-mysql. Then the output would be part of an emacs buffer.

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I'll give you a tick because it kind of answered my question and I didn't know to do that anyway, but in regards to sql I this accomplished what I wanted >mysql pager less; –  UzumakiDev Mar 2 at 17:25
@UzumakiDev: You don't have to accept my answer; you can post your own answer (and accept it). –  unutbu Mar 2 at 17:26
okay, I'll post the answer, I just like handing out points :p –  UzumakiDev Mar 2 at 17:32
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To view a scrollable list of lots of rows, that your terminal might cut off, I used this mysql terminal command:

>mysql pager less;

It lets you use the arrow keys to scroll your terminal, to view an entire set of results.

To escape back to the default view use

>mysql nopager;

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