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I've got annoying problem with IOS Simulator at Xcode 5. It doesn't work at all. I've been searching for a week around different forums and there are a lot of variants of solving this problem. But nothing could help me. I reseted the simulators content and settings, deleted some files connected to simulator, reinstalled Xcode, but everything is hopeless. My Simulator shows black screen and debuger says:

iPhone Simulator[573] : Could not lookup service com.apple.iphonesimulator.host_support: 3

iPhone Simulator[573] : Unable to update keyboard layout because we were unable to connect to the host_support mach service.

iPhone Simulator[573] : Could not lookup service com.apple.iphonesimulator.bridge: 3

iPhone Simulator[573] : Error communicating with SimulatorBridge: NSObjectNotAvailableException - Unable to connect to SimulatorBridge

There is absolutely the same problem here, but there is no proper answer: xcode5 iOS Simulator failed to install the application

Thanks in advance.

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Are you running Xcode version 5.0.2? From the linked answer: "This is a known bug in Xcode 5.0.1. The updated version 5.0.2 addresses this issue." –  Zaph Mar 2 at 16:06
Yes Xcode version 5.0.2 –  Arseniy Mar 2 at 16:17
This answer worked for me: stackoverflow.com/a/19570622/608448 –  Andrea Sprega Mar 2 at 23:16
Thanks, I'll try it –  Arseniy Mar 3 at 13:03
Andrea Sprega thank you too much, but no ( –  Arseniy Mar 3 at 18:41

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Here is what I would do, it may not help.

  1. Run TimeMachine, you really need an up-to-date backup. Make sure it ran successfully.

  2. Make sure you are running 10.9.2.

  3. Delete Xcode by dragging it from the Applications folder to the trash

  4. Delete ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator Empty the trash.

  5. Delete ~/Library/Developer/Xcode (this has some user profile things in it, the TM backup will have a copy if needed later)

  6. Make sure there is no other Xcode or Simulator on the computer, Spotlight is a good place to start. Delete anything found and empty the trash.

  7. Empty the trash.

  8. Reboot

  9. Install Xcode 5.0.2 from the AppStore.

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I'm using 10.9 is it also could be the reason of my problem??? –  Arseniy Mar 3 at 13:01
Finaly it works =) –  Arseniy Mar 20 at 18:27
Thanks! This works. The issue that I encountered is when I accidentally altered the permission of the applications, not knowing that it's bad for some programs. Thanks for your solution! –  KarenAnne Oct 14 at 7:25

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