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I have Solution consisting of 3 projects, first is Data Access Layer (where models and Database Context are defined), and other two are MVC 5 and Web Api 2 projects.

For authentication and authorization I'm using Identity which I've set up like this (in my DAL project):

public class DatabaseContext : IdentityDbContext<User>
    public DatabaseContext()
        : base("DefaultConnection")
        Configuration.LazyLoadingEnabled = true;

    public DbSet<IdentityUser> IdentityUsers { get; set; }

        Other DbSets ...

My User class extends IdentityUser.

In my project I've changed a bit Account controller so it works with my Database Context, here are relevant parts which I changed:

public class AccountController : Controller
    public AccountController()
        : this(new UserManager<User>(new UserStore<User>(new DatabaseContext())))

    public AccountController(UserManager<User> userManager)
        UserManager = userManager;

    public UserManager<User> UserManager { get; private set; }

And this part works fine. So my question is, what changes I have to do in order my Web API project works with my entity User and my Database Context, so in order to consume API user must be logged in ? (and of-course user has option to register via API).

I.E. I want to enable authorization and authentication for web api 2 by using my Database Context and class User which extends Identity User class.


What I've tried to do is this: I've replaced all IdentityUser classes in my web api 2 project with my class User, but on line (when I try to log in):

User user =  await userManager.FindAsync(context.UserName, context.Password);

I get error:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid object name 'dbo.AspNetUsers'.

This approach worked for my MVC project.

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In short what I did was:

In my DatabaseContext class I've added these lines:

  protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)

In web api project I've changed all classes IdentityUser to User, and that's it

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