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How can I create simple conditional handlebar?

What I want to do is get from collections that if mood =='+', render the roll in white, else render some other color.

This is HTML:

{{#if moodIsPlus}}
            <strong>{{mood}} <i class="icon-hand-up" value="+"></i></strong> {{message}}<br>
    <tr class="info">
            <strong>{{mood}} </strong> {{message}}<br>
    {{/if }}

which moodIsPlus is define in JS:

Template.messages.moodIsPlus = function() {
  return Messages.find({mood:'+'});

and it returns everything.

By the way, are handlebars and handlebar.js the same thing? Where can I get more reference on handlebar in meteorjs?

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Yes, Handlebars is same as Handlebar.js. Meteor By default uses the Handlebar as templating system. Whatever is on [site] (handlebarsjs.com) applied same to Meteor env. –  ajduke Mar 2 at 16:56
possible duplicate of Handlebars.js if block helper == –  ajduke Mar 2 at 16:59

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Checkout the Meteor Smart Package Handlebar-helpers as it comes with lots of similar helpers.

Here is how you would achieve what you are looking for with it:

        <strong>{{#if $eq mood '+'}}<i class="icon-hand-up" value="+"></i>{{/if}}</strong> {{message}}<br>
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