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What'd also interest me is which have more or less dependencies.

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See also the Ultraviolet library.

Ultraviolet is a syntax highlighting engine based on Textpow. Since it uses Textmate syntax files, it offers out of the box syntax highlighting for more than 50 languages and 20 themes.

Ultraviolet is at the same time a stand-alone command line utility and a Ruby library.

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Ultraviolet is a great library. It has lots of dependencies though (through Textpow and Onigurama, which isn't very easy to install on all old systems) – Fabian Buch Oct 21 '08 at 15:21
This is true, but I just wanted to throw it out there to ensure many options are covered. :) – Pistos Oct 21 '08 at 17:27

I'm using Coderay (see it in action at the bottom of this article)

Not sure how many (if any) dependencies it has.

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It is much better than ultraviolet – tig Oct 22 '09 at 22:59

Google is our friend...

First hit:

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