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This is from the sidewaffle template

interface Ifactory1 {
        greeting: string;
        serviceId: string;
        changeGreeting: () => void;

    class factory1 implements Ifactory1 {
        static serviceId: string = "factory1";
        greeting = "Hello";

        constructor(private $http: ng.IHttpService, private $resource: ng.resource.IResourceService) {

        changeGreeting() {
            this.greeting = "Bye";

    app1.factory(factory1.serviceId, ['$http', '$resource', ($http, $resource) =>
        new factory1($http, $resource)

I get the error:

Error   27  Class factory1 declares interface Ifactory1 but does not implement it:
    Type 'factory1' is missing property 'serviceId' from type 'Ifactory1'.  
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Static members are not accessible from instances of the class. You need an instance member to fulfill the interface.

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