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I've created a custom search page with some defined options in my search scope.

I have a metadata mapped jobtitle, and added the search option to my custom search.

<Property name="JobTitle" 

I want to change my managed name to jobtitle, because title doesn't hit the dutch word for jobtitle. I changed the managed name to jobtitle, after applying the changes it wouldn't change the label.

Anyone have an idea?

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I think where you say "to jobtitle" you mean "from jobtitle". Where you say, "it wouldn't change the title" I think you mean "the label was unchanged". I don't have enough rep to edit your question. – Argalatyr Oct 21 '08 at 9:50
I agree. This question is worded poorly. I would love to help but can't really figure out what you did...or what you want to do. – RedDeckWins Oct 21 '08 at 20:39

It is a little difficult to know exactly what you're problem is since you are using a custom search page.

I am assuming you created a new Managed property and mapped it to something. Then you added it to the advanced search webpart via editing the xsl/xml (directions here). If you change the name of the property you just added you need to update the webpart as well.

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Changes to the managed properties will not appear in the search results until the data is re-crawled. I suggest you reset the search index and do a full crawl.

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