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I am trying to retrieve payments and refunds from paypal, using api. It needs to have the option for date range filtering. And with no limit on the number of returned rows.

To be clearer, i'm not looking to make a payment or make a refund using the api, i'm looking to get a list of history transactions of payments received and refunds made on my paypal account, using the api.

Been looking for this option on paypal's documentation for a while now, but can't find anything. i've found GetBalance api call, but it's limited in result.

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TransactionSearch and GetTransactionDetails should give you what you're after.

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thanks. but the function "TransactionSearch " is not good since it's: "Note The maximum number of transactions that can be returned from a TransactionSearch API call is 100." and this function "GetTransactionDetails" given me the details for a specific transaction. I am looking to get a list of all transactions between given dates. and, getting list of all refunds between given dates. so, going into all the transactions, one-by-one, is not good. And, getting only 100 rows is not good either (i need all). Do you know of any other way to get the data i'm looking for? –  Ron Bentata Mar 3 at 13:23
If there are > 100 results, you'll receive ACK=SuccessWithWarning. In this case, provide a narrower date range and resubmit the call. –  Robert Mar 3 at 14:39
thanks PayPal_Robert. but i'm looking to get ALL the results. and not narrowing down the range. if in a given date range there were 250 transactions, i want to get them all, not just the first 100. –  Ron Bentata Mar 3 at 15:07
seems i need to create a function to retrieve 100 rows and then retrieve another 100 and so on... seems like old school, but if that's the way this cookie crumbles... thanks for your help –  Ron Bentata Mar 3 at 15:48
@RonBentata, yes, exactly. If there are more than 100 you just need to keep calling TransactionSearch with the different ranges in place until get through them all. Not "old school." Just something that's in place for performance reasons. –  Andrew Angell Mar 3 at 16:12

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