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I'm currently developing on a Bluetooth LE embedded project.

For discovering my BLE peripherals, I currently use some apps for Android 4.3 (e.g. Nordic nRF Toolbox and nRF Master Control Panel) and iOS (LightBlue).

On my desktop PC (running kubuntu 12.04), I currently use hcitool and gatttool from commandline e.g. for viewing and changing the characteristics values of my BLE peripherals.

Did anybody know, if there was a gui tool available for linux, with similar features like the Nordic nRF Android Apps or like LightBlue for iOS?

I want to use the linux GUI tool for:

  • explore my advertising BLE peripherals
  • connect them
  • discover their provided services & characteristics
  • view & change the characteristics values
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Linux currently does not have any GUI based BLE tools. The LightBlue referred to in user1990's answer is actually an old outdated program that does not implement BLE.

Anything short of command-line BlueZ using gatttool, or hcitool to do what you want, you will not find.

This site has a good tutorial for device, characteristic, and service discovery.

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LightBlue is avaiable on linux and mac os X. LightBlue

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