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Can I load a resource bundle dynamically? Can I edit a resource bundle dynamically?

It would be best if I can have such a logical resource bundle (i.e. located in context not as physical file).


How to load a resource bundle from a file resource?

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Would you be able to override the ListResourceBundle? It provides an extension point for adding in your own Object[][] of resource key pairs.

From the javadoc:

public class MyResources extends ListResourceBundle {
     protected Object[][] getContents() {
         return new Object[][] = {
         // LOCALIZE THIS
             {"s1", "The disk \"{1}\" contains {0}."},  // MessageFormat pattern
             {"s2", "1"},                               // location of {0} in pattern
             {"s3", "My Disk"},                         // sample disk name
             {"s4", "no files"},                        // first ChoiceFormat choice
             {"s5", "one file"},                        // second ChoiceFormat choice
             {"s6", "{0,number} files"},                // third ChoiceFormat choice
             {"s7", "3 Mar 96"},                        // sample date
             {"s8", new Dimension(1,5)}                 // real object, not just string

This example returns a hard coded listing but you can modify that to return whatever you want from a database or anything else.

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Thanks Kevin .. – Jigar Joshi Feb 8 '10 at 18:42

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