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The Bluetooth Explorer app from the dev tools (/Developer/Applications/Utilities/Bluetooth/) allows you to turn off Simple Pairing on your device. (Run the app, select menu item: "Utilities>Get Local Device Info", and click on the "Simple Pairing" tab).

How would a 3rd-party application do this?

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If you don't mind using some private stuff, you can do it like this:

typedef void* BluetoothHCIRequest;
OSStatus BluetoothHCIRequestCreate(BluetoothHCIRequest* outHandle, int timeOut, void* unknownOut, int alwaysZero);
void BluetoothHCIRequestDelete(BluetoothHCIRequest hciRequest);
OSStatus BluetoothHCIWriteSimplePairingMode(BluetoothHCIRequest hciRequest, BOOL onOff);

#define HCI_TIMEOUT (3000)

void SetSimplePairing(BOOL on)
    BluetoothHCIRequest hciRequest = nil;

    if ( BluetoothHCIRequestCreate(&hciRequest, HCI_TIMEOUT, nil, 0) == noErr && hciRequest )
        OSStatus err = BluetoothHCIWriteSimplePairingMode(hciRequest, on);
        if (err)
            NSLog(@"BluetoothHCIWriteSimplePairingMode: %d", err);

        NSLog(@"BluetoothHCIRequestCreate failed");
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That works, thank you! – Josh Freeman Feb 6 '10 at 23:05

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