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can i write a MIDlet that stays "resident" like an agenda, that alarms when a certain event will occur( in other words, the MIDlet API allows the developer write a application that stays running in background)? Within a MIDlet, can i use the vibratory alarm of the cellphone?

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There's no clean way to background a J2ME app that works generically across all phones. In most cases phones can only run one app at a time, so even if your app were backgrounded, if another app starts, yours could well get terminated.

Having said that, you can for some Sony Ericsson and non-old Nokias at least hide you app with something like this in your MIDlet subclass:

Display.getDisplay( this ).setCurrent( null );

On your other question about vibration alarms: yes, you can use the Display.vibrate() method:

Display.getDisplay( this ).vibrate( duration );
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