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I'm trying to figure out the Sizzle extension API. In particular, I'm trying to get jQuery to recognize the sass-style & selector (referring to the 'current element').

For example, I'm trying to achieve the following result:

var current        = $('#current');
var sameAsCurrent  = current.find('&');
var childOfCurrent = current.find('& > div');

I've tried adding & as a finder and as a filter. I've even tried monkey-patching the jQuery library. I've had no luck with any of these approaches so far. Shouldn't this be one of the easiest selectors to add?

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var childOfCurrent = current.find(' > div'); –  Arun P Johny Mar 3 at 0:42
@ArunPJohny: Yes, I know. :-) But I'd like to get some consistency with SASS syntax, as well as learn about the Sizzle extension API. –  mhelvens Mar 3 at 0:46
@Joe: Unfortunately those references are all about custom pseudo-selectors, i.e., selectors starting with :. Indeed, that seems to be the only kind of help I could find with Google. But it's not what I'm after. –  mhelvens Mar 3 at 1:21

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